JKF Primary Mathematics Class 5 Pupil's Book

(Ksh1,090 Inc VAT)

Pupils' Book

This is the fifth book in the new series of Primary Mathematics. The coursebook is intended for use by Standard 5 pupils. It has been revised and expanded to reflect new developments in the curriculum and society.

The unique strength of the book lies in the following areas:

  • Adequate coverage of the syllabus concepts and skills with a strong activity orientation.
  • A variety of examples enclosed in coloured frames to promote self-study and ease of use.
  • A variety of exercises that test the understanding of every concept and skill learnt,
  • Graded revision exercises at the end of the book for remedial work.

The book comes with a separate comprehensive teacher's guide, a set of wall charts and a Standard 5 mathematics workbook.

This coursebook has been designed with special reference to learners with different learning abilities.

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