D-Link NLU-FXXUXXR-06 LIU 6 Port Rack Mount Unloaded Patch Panel

(Ksh6,960 Inc VAT)
Brand: D-Link
  • Aluminum base material for light mounting
  • Slim 1 Unit Mounting Height
  • Front-mounted cable saddles for jumper management
  • Can manage both splices and terminations
  • Preassembled shelves in multiple configurations
  • Rubber fiber slotted bracket built-in, metal splice shelf to protect the fibers
  • 2 fiber spools built-in for 900 μm tight buffered fiber storing
  • Capable of storing up to 3 meters of 900 μm tight buffered fiber per adapter
  • Removable front and rear covers for better access to interior of LIU
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