Seagate Business 2-Bay 8TB Network Attached NAS Storage

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Brand: Seagate; Condition: New; Disk storage Type: HDD; Storage capacity: 8TB; Warranty Issuer: Manufacturer
BrandSeagate ConditionNew Disk Storage TypeHDD Storage Capacity8TB Warranty IssuerManufacturer
  • Grab your files and go: A built-in Universal Storage Module (USM) slot lets you transfer files to and from USM-compatible portable drives at speeds up to 3× faster than USB 3.0-all at the touch of a button.
  • Ground-breaking USM technology: Excellent for creating cost-effective off-site backups and for quickly backing up large files brought back from the field.
  • Enables NAS-to-NAS off-site backups: Purchasing a second 2-Bay NAS allows you to duplicate files and folders from one NAS to the other over the Internet, so you can easily get additional off-site protection against theft and natural disasters.
  • State-of-the-art media streaming: At home or in the office the NAS can stream your films, photos and music to PC and Mac computers as well as DLNA-certified devices. Now you can enjoy your media library on Blu-ray players, game consoles, Internet TVs and more.
  • Powerful remote access: You can use Internet-connected PC and Mac computers to download and upload files remotely, and that's just the beginning. The NAS is your private, customisable cloud storage solution-with no monthly fees.
  • Download and upload files: with free apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices Easy-to-use web interface for
  • Always-on data security: This NAS delivers government-grade hardware encryption technology that helps protect your data where it lives: on the hard drive.
  • Saves power: Efficient power management allows the 2-Bay NAS to automatically switch to standby mode and turn on as needed. In addition, the 2-Bay NAS in standby consumes only about as much power as a night light.
  • RAID-enabled for additional protection: This 2-Bay NAS can be easily configured in RAID 1 to automatically mirror your files on both drives. If one drive fails, your business-critical data remains intact and accessible.

Retain Complete Ownership and Control of your Data
The Seagate Business Storage 2-bay NAS features a Web interface where clients and co-workers can securely download and upload large files. Unlike typical cloud storage services, you retain complete ownership and control of your data. Plus, it is so easy to set up and use that there's no need to hire an IT professional.

Complete Protection for all the Files Stored on PC and Mac
The Seagate Business Storage 2-bay NAS comes with everything your business needs to ensure complete protection for all the files stored on PC and Mac computers in your business. The included BlackArmor backup software for Windows PCs will take the hassle out of backing up multiple computers by automating the process.

The software helps you protect data by backing up not only the files you store, but also the programs, settings, email and even the operating system on your local PCs. With this level of protection, you can restore the entire hard drive on a PC that has suffered a hardware failure. By supporting Time Machine software, the Business Storage 2-bay NAS offers the same level of data protection for all the Mac computers in your business.

Government-Grade Hardware Encryption
The Seagate Business Storage 2-bay NAS includes government-grade hardware encryption technology that helps protect data stored on the NAS. When you access files remotely, this Seagate NAS also helps protect your data-in-flight with SSL/TLS, the same technology that secures your information when banking online.

Universal Storage Module (USM)
The Seagate Business 2-bay NAS features a Universal Storage Module (USM) slot that makes it incredibly simple and cost-effective to create off-site backups of your data. Start by docking a Seagate Backup Plus portable drive in the USM slot. With a touch of a button, you can transfer large files at speeds up to 3× faster than USB 2.0. Undock your portable drive and data, and you're ready to take your files with you or to a secure, off-site location.

The USM slot is also convenient for photographers, videographers and other professionals who routinely bring back large files from the field. Use a Backup Plus portable drive throughout the day and when you're back at the office, slide the portable drive into the USM slot and-with a touch of a button-all of your work is transferred to a designated folder on the 2-bay NAS.

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