Generic GP300 Infrared Thermometer


  • GP-300 Thermogun Infrared Thermometer

    This non-contact GP-300 Thermogun Infrared Thermometer is specially designed to measure human body temperature at a distance of 2cm 3cm through the forehead.

    Instant readings and accurate, this thermometer is equipped with infrared technology Sophisticated and high precision sensors that read quickly, it only takes 1 second to read the temperature. ℃ (Shown in ℃ Or ℉.)


  • Full features practical, easy to use, aim to the forehead and press the scan button. For your convenience, the temperature unit tested can be displayed in ℃ or ℉,
  • Memory recall and intelligent fever body thermometer alarm can remember temperature measurements. And the backlight will display red and sound alarms if body temperature is over 38 ℃ (100.4 ℉),
  • In addition to measuring foreheads, it can also measure room temperature, objects, and liquids – a good choice for family, nursery, hotels, schools and home visits,Not including batteries,
  • Power Supply Voltage:DC3V(Two AAA Alkaline Batteries)
  • Measurement range:32°C~42.9°C
  • Measurement Accuracy:Within(35-42)°C ±0.2°c/0.4°F
  • Measurement Display Resolution:0.1°C/0.1°F
  • Operating Environment :16°C-35°c
  • Automatic Shutdown within 30sec without any operation 
  • 3 Colour backlight;green orange red








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