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I needed and had been shopping for blood sugar glucose testing strips - CodeFree brand specifically.
I checked online and got various options called a few numbers including yours and that is when things became interesting.

I was served by Emily at ShopIt.

This is what stood out:
- she quickly identified the product
- sent me an image on whatsapp (without having to ask the typically mundane and stale question of whether I have WhatsApp on the number I was using)
I confirmed it is the product.
- Whereas many other would have left it at that, the ones I'd asked did just that, she then asked the magic question: would you like to make an order? Her exact words!

All the others who had confirmed the item and cost lost the deal here.
I confirmed for two and requested for drive-by pick up.
She obliged.
And even though they did not technically do this, she offered to have this done for me. (I did not want the hustle of parking.)

Right now, I have my 2, not 1, boxes of the product.

On the day of the drive-by pick up, I learnt that she actually came from another shop location, to help me take the delivery! This is so rare in Kenya - going out of your way to serve Customers!!!

Let me repeat what I wrote to her:
Thank you very much for your service Emily.

Like I said your boss should know how lucky they are. (If you can give me their number I will put in a word so that it is not only complaints that go up. Appreciations too!)

At least you know.

Continue as you are working. Utaenda mbali making customers happy. Asking the right questions to induce purchase action/decision, going out of your way, making Customers happy!

Bless Up Emily! ShopIt got it With Emily.

Order no. S07594

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