Auto Balancing Scooter/Hover board/ Hover Glide/ Hoover Scooter


Self-driving travel:go sightseeing and ride it in any beauty spots.

Outdoor Exerciser: do physical exercise and train ability of balance control.

Shopping mall: Convenient to go shopping in different mall.

Office staff: Ride CoolGo to work and back home.

Sales Company: Equip sales with self balance scooter to improve work efficiency.

Campus: Ride CoolGo through the campus, shorten the distance between dorm and schoolroom, library and canteen.

Large factory: Minimize walking time to improve work efficiency.


Net Weight : 10 kg

Battery : 36V 4.4Ah Li Battery

Work temperature : 10 C - 50 C

Voltage : 100-240VMax

Speed : 10 km/h

Max Load : 100 kg

 Full Charge Running Distance : 15 - 20 km

Climbing capability : < 20 degrees

Charging Time : About 2 hours

Pedal height: 11 cm

Tyre Size : 17 cm

Dimension : 584*186*178mm

Colours available : white, red, black, green, blue, silver

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